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Building Zone – Diggers

With its realistic appearance, our diggers always trigger the desire to play, explore and learn. Children become machinery operators, as they really dig it!

Unlike our other products, this equipment is stationary, which represents a space-saving solution. Our diggers are usually arranged in a cluster of two to four units. They stand on a platform with a fenced sandpit to dig in. Hydraulically operated, the excavators are equipped with three hydraulic cylinders controlled by the corresponding levers. Not only kids, but also adults and machinery fans may be unable to resist the temptation to get closer and check them out. Our excavators are definitely a true attention grabber!

The youngest ones will learn physical skills and movement, while having a blast digging holes in the ground. They can also be quickly assisted by their parents, who may either stand beside the digger or sit behind.

These products have been delivered globally to a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities including theme parks, fairgrounds, family farms, zoos, camping facilities, hotels, and shopping centers. At any location, the excavators will quickly become a favorite attraction!


Mini Digger

Voltage: 230VAC*
Height: 1.300 mm
Lenght: 2.400 mm **
Width: 760 mm ***
Weight: 92 kg
Color: Yellow and black

* All our products are battery operated, except for the digger which runs on regular two-phase current. For North America and Japan supplied with transformer.

** The figure corresponds to the maximum length (arm extended).

*** The maximum digging radius is 1.250mm (please, see drawing).

Kindly take note that the measurements provided are approximate. The current models available may differ from the pictures exhibited. Therefore, we encourage you to confirm the particularities of the product of your interest.

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