The mini digger is a true attention grabber! It’s exceptionally interactive and in any environment it always gains interest and triggers that desire to play, explore and learn. We have collaborated with VOLVO on the design and with its true excavator appearance and visible hydraulic system, it really stands out among other attractions. Our digging concept it is normally arranged in a cluster of 2-4units where the diggers stand on a platform with a fenced sandpit two dig in. The mini digger pivots back and forth, and hydraulic cylinders are controlled by a corresponding lever. Children turn into equipment operators and they really dig it!

The lower age groups are the target market of all our products, however kids of all ages will want to test their skills on the mini digger. Small kids are easily assisted by parents either standing beside the digger or sitting behind. This is probably the most diverse products we offer and it has been delivered globally to a range of different amusement facilities such as theme parks,fairgrounds, family farms, zoos, camping facilities,hotels and shopping centers. At any location it will quickly become a favorite attraction.