Sustainable Mobility


Dutch design and the latest technology are masterfully paired in the SOIOS Solar SunShuttle, a unique electric vehicle that becomes a clean, efficient, and user-friendly mobility solution, ideal for amusement parks, holiday resorts, and tourist facilities.

SOIOS Solar SunShuttle is powered by electricity combined with the undepletable solar energy. It is equipped with lead or lithium batteries (at the customer’s choice). As such, it does not require fossil fuel, and no harmful emissions are discharged into the air.

The rationalist and contemporary design of the Solar SunShuttle is entirely focused on achieving maximum efficiency. Its square shape maximizes the surface for charging. The range of the vehicle reaches 150 km per full charge. Additionally, through the solar panels installed on its roof, 4 KW of extra energy per hour is added, extending the battery range 10 km/h.

Headroom and large windows everywhere provide comfort and 360 degrees visibility. Passengers will enjoy magnificent panoramic views while traveling. SOIOS welcomes each passenger on board. As such, the shuttle is equipped for users with reduced mobility.

Plus, the SunShuttle is silent and highly resistant. Compared to conventional fuel vehicles, the operation and energy cost savings are substantial, resulting in a short-term Return on Investment.

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