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Water Play Equipment

In collaboration with a top manufacturer of water park equipment, we offer a wide array of water play products, ranging from water play structures of different sizes to single and multiple slides. We are also able to undertake custom design projects.

The products offered are well praised for its design, finishing and durability, and have been delivered globally to more than 50 countries during the last three decades. Whether you are looking for a small water play structure as a complement to other kinds of activities, or advanced water slides for water parks, we can cater to the needs.

In all projects, we are working closely with the manufacturer to ensure that you get all the expertise needed to make the correct investment for your location. We are certain that with the innovative products we offer, and the meticulous planning of the manufacturer, you will be more than satisfied with your decision. Needless to say, in alignment with our commitment to the highest levels of safety and quality, the equipment is designed according to international standards (EN1069 and ASTM). 

Let us know your thoughts for the future, and we will guide you through the vast portfolio of water park equipment available. Below, you will find a selection of various designs that will give you a taste of what we can deliver. If it sparks your interest, we can provide you with further information on different alternatives, along with specifications and pricing.


Water Play Structures

Body Slides

Mat Slides

Float Slides

Water Play Combinations

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