Sani Station, healthy and safe public spaces and workplaces

The universal recommendation of extreme hand hygiene has turned the world’s spotlight on the disinfectant gel, as one of the best allies in fighting germs. 

As such, Sani Station is born to keep any venue free of viruses, helping to disinfect safely the hands of customers and employees.

The simplicity and effectiveness of its manual mechanism make this auto clean station a versatile and environmentally-friendly solution, as it doesn’t consume energy, and can be placed exactly where it’s most useful. On a counter, screwed on the wall, or floor mounted, it fits even into tight spaces. 

A dose of about 1 ml antibacterial gel is dispensed by pressing the handle with the hand or wrist.

The hygiene station is made of steel, and finished with anti-corrosion paint to ensure long life. A rechargeable gel tank is protected by an external security lock, preventing unauthorized personnel manipulation.

According to the customer preferences, it is possible customization from including the company’s logo to adding dispensers for face masks, gloves, and tissues.

Sani Station is an ideal hygiene solution for hospitals, schools, airports, bus or train stations, amusement parks, museums, leisure centers, supermarkets, and shopping centers, and any other place of public concurrence.

Sani Station Video Demo