Amusement à la carte: A new section

Legend has it that a squirrel was able to go across a country such as Spain jumping from branch to branch without touching the ground. This story has been told in thousands of schools to illustrate the vast quantity of pines and oaks existing 2,000 years ago in the country. Let’s say, instead of trees, we are talking about amusement parks, and rather than a particular country, we are referring to the entire world. Have you ever considered the number of leisure centers available globally? How many amusement parks will you be able to find without stopping to refuel?

We are delighted to present a sample of this incredibly diverse amusement offering worldwide, through our a new section “Amusement à la Carte”. So we are preparing an exciting tour to introduce you to a different park at each stop. Needless to say, in all these parks, you can find kids enjoying our products.

We start the engine where it all began, the place where SB International (and other reputable brands such as Volvo, Electrolux, or IKEA) were born. Yes, the first stop is Scandinavia, and to be more precise, Sweden!

Periodically, we will publish new spots here, on our web, so be prepared for the adventure and join us on this fantastic journey!