SOIOS and SB International, the perfect match for a sustainable growth

SB International has recently entered into a partnership with the Dutch company SOIOS.

The proven track record of creating reliable products that meet the highest international standards, along with the extensive experience shared by both companies, provide a solid foundation where the synergies are tangible, and the potential benefits multiple.


SOIOS was born in 2011 to provide zero-emission mobility solutions, both in natural and urban environments, becoming a world leader in sustainable transport of passengers and goods.

With the Solar SunShuttle, SOIOS meets the most stringent environmental standards. Its technology combines both electric and solar energy sources, representing a suitable replacement for transportation modes based on the conventional combustion engines. The shuttle fits perfectly with amusement parks, holiday resorts, open-air museums, airports, and public and tourist services aiming to offer clean transportation around and within their premises.

The key to the success of SOIOS lies in an innovative combination of high-quality and lightweight solar cells, and a robust transmission that prevents any energy leakage. It is precisely the energy-efficiency, along with the high reliability, and low operating costs, distinctive features of SOIOS vehicles.

Further information about SOIOS and its Solar SunShuttle can be found here.

About our collaboration

Pooling resources, transferring the know-how treasured by both firms, as well as sharing business and sector information, unifying efforts for the promotion of the respective product portfolios internationally, form the backbone of the collaboration between SOIOS and SB International.