Dyreparken renews driving attraction in collaboration with Toyota.

Dyreparken in Kristiansand, Norway, renews their driving school attraction in collaboration with Toyota.

Dyreparken Kristiansand (Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park) is one of Norway’s most visited attractions and the most visited attraction for families with children. Founded in 1965, the park nowadays has about one million visitors annually, and during the summer of 2020, the total number of visitors passed 25 million. Apart from the zoo and amusement park, there is also the popular “Kardemomme by“ (Cardamom village) and a well-visited water park (Badelandet) on the premises.

The zoo has 123 different animal species from across the world consisting of about 650 individual animals. Most well-known is probably the superstar of the park, the Chimpanzee Julius, who was born in the park in 1979 and hence has been there for more than 40 years.

The amusement park has plenty of attractions catering to families with children and we have had the pleasure of collaborating for many years with their driving attraction for children (Bilbanen).

Now in the summer of 2021, the park relaunches the driving attraction in collaboration with a group of Toyota dealers in Norway as the sponsor. We are proud of the renewed trust in us as a supplier and honored for the assignment to create their new driving school vehicle – a miniature Toyota RAV4 which will be ready to roll soon. The final result will be presented later but below are pictures of a real Toyota RAV4 and our adapted design. 

SB International has been part of the project from the start. From the initial idea, through stages of requirement specification and design, and we are now in the production phase of these cool vehicles. Electric battery-powered cars that will give kids a first feel of how it is to drive a Toyota for real, with no help, just in a smaller and slower version. As with all our products, it is the children themselves who drive the cars with no help from a parent or sibling. We love seeing that proud smile that doing something for real, on your own, generates.

At SB International we are specialists in custom design projects and can realize almost any idea. If you too are interested in a unique product, get in touch. Your vision is our mission!