Partner in India

As part of the initiative “Make in India” we have signed a licensing agreement with Argon Amusement Rides Pvt. Ltd (SBI Asia) exclusively for the Indian market. We are thrilled that we now have access to the huge and growing market in India through Argon Amusement Rides. They have the the right competence and drive to excel on the market and with our backing we are confident that we will see a quick and prosperous development in India.

SB International CEO Markus Jonsson comments on the agreement:

“Extended work has been done to reach this point and we are really excited to now be up and running. The Indian market is huge and local presence is needed, now we have all the ingredients for success in place.”

Argon Amusement CEO Manan Rudini comments on the agreement:

“Our cooperation with SBI Sweden made it possible for us to speed up the whole process. In record time we were able to promote the proven SBI-concepts to the growing Indian market.”