SBI Sweden is a globally known premier supplier of reliable inter­active kiddie rides

Since the early 1980s, the company is a a leading manufacturer of top-quality miniature vehicles ranging from cars of different kinds to trucks, tractors, boats, and construction-themed machinery for children.

Our strategy is based on innovation and growth, yet we strive for authenticity, genuine design, and craftsmanship. We are internationally oriented but familial at heart.
With exception of the construction zone products, all products are battery-powered and the vehicles run efficiently during the full day. Great autonomy along with high quality and durability are regarded as some of the most valued aspects by our customers in these highly interactive experiences for children. All manufacturing is carried out at our factory in Sweden and delivered globally.
The flag of SBI Sweden
SBI Production Team Jönköping Sweden

“Our products make children feel independent and proud of doing something for real while sharing the experience with their families and other kids”

Police car at Legoland Discover Center USA

Our customers

We have a strong customers focus and take pride in delivering top-quality products. This, together with excellent after-sales support is appreciated by a wide range of customers.

Our products are flexible and customizable and are intended primarily for children between 3-11 years old. Our customer centric approach in all we do is probably the main reason why a wide range of different customers appreciate working with us. We are proud of our diverse clientele which ranges from small farm parks, zoos, or hotels to large amusement parks such as LEGOLAND and Universal Studios. So, if you are not a customer already, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can serve your business in the best way too.

Our team

Our everyday work is shaped by attention to detail and close and friendly contact with all the people we work with. Undoubtedly, our personnel is our greatest asset.

Talented individuals, who share their passion for bringing smiles and joy to children, power SBI Sweden. We pride ourselves on our high degree of specialization, and the close ties that bind us to our customers. Our strategy is based on innovation and growth, yet we strive for authenticity, genuine design and craftsmanship. We are internationally oriented but familial at heart.


SBI agent HQ

HQ Sweden

CEO Markus Jonsson

Markus Jonsson

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Ishwar Hirani 1

Ishwar Hirani

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Export Manager SBI Sweden Organization and the Company

Petter Lindh

Export Manager
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Joacim Samuelsson

Production Manager
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Sadko Velagic

Production Supervisor
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Jorgen Lundin marketing coordinator SBU Sweden Organization and the Company

Jörgen Lundin

Marketing coordinator
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SBI Daniel Rask Warehouse Supervisor

Daniel Rask

Warehouse Supervisor
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SBI Americas LLC

Morgan Cederblom

Morgan Cederblom

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Representative US / Canada

Bill Ossim

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Our representatives

Nita Mehta

United Kingdom
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Representative Japan

Masaki Matsumoto

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Representative Germany & Austria

Christoph Wunderlich

Germany & Austria
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Botond Vajda

Slovakia, Czechia & Hungary
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Representative Polen

Marek Pisarski

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Personal in front of Millets Farm UK Kids in the front seat!​

United Kingdom

“Children love driving the tractors, while parents also enjoy watching what is often their children’s first driving experience. SBI products are excellent. We can particularly highlight the performance of tractors and diggers. They are very popular within our farm setting. Financially speaking, it’s also worth mentioning that these products are very beneficial. Finally, SBI team is very helpful, and always responsive to any queries.”

Enter to Excalibur City in Czech Republic Kids in the front seat!​

Czech Republic

“SBI products are robust and reliable, and require little maintenance. What is more, kids love them! And, I am not just referring to the tractors or the trucks, but also the excavators. Each one of them is a hit! I would also stress our positive collaboration with SBI. They are very professional and friendly.”



“Our traffic park is available for public visitors during the opening hours. It is also possible to book the electric vehicles for special events. When kids are getting closer and see the houses, the roads, and the cars, they get very excited, eager to jump into the track and start driving!”


Entre to Tivoli Friheden in Denmark Kids in the front seat!​


“I would describe SBI vehicles as extremely durable and stable, and hardly require any maintenance. The battery capacity is also sufficient, so there is no need to charge the vehicles during the day. Our little guests have great pleasure using both cars and motorboats!”