Cars Tivoli Friheden standard 12V Amusements cars

Driving School – Cars & Trucks

Discover our wide range of battery-powered cars. The driving school is a timeless attraction for amusement parks. We’d love to help you realize this concept at your facility! 
Lego Boat in river at Legoland Boat for Amusement Parks

Boating School – Boats

Fun-packed ride that allows kids to test their navigation skills and become captains of their mini vessels. Many layouts are suitable to get a smooth and exciting experience for the entire family!
Construction Zone

Construction Zone – Construction Equipment

Create an attraction loved by children of all ages. The products can be combined in one play area to create a construction zone. Our scalable and themed cage system ensures a safe and carefully designed attraction from start to finish.
Tractor by kids Tractor for Amusement Parks

Children’s Farm – Tractors

Our tractors are a perfect fit for rural settings and similar venues. Robustly designed to be driven on any flat surface. Hay bales, and other suitable elements make this attraction perfect fit for a rural atmosphere. 
SBI Ferrari World

Racing Academy – Racing Cars

Our racing vehicle is a great attraction that suits all environments. Particularly, it fits like a glove in car-themed amusement parks, racing tracks, and go-kart facilities oriented to young kids. Taking curves has never been so fun!
SBI Racing Academy

Guidance & Consultation

Designing and planning a park or attraction, need careful consideration. We leverage on our long experience to assist You to maximize the potential of Your venue. We like to be a collaborative partner and guide Oou through every stage, from Master Plan to implementation and Daily Operations. 

Brochures and leaflets

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