Happy International Museum Day!

May 18 is International Museum Day!

We want to congratulate all the museums and professionals who contribute to the artistic, cultural, and scientific dissemination.

A special mention goes this time to science and technology museums and centers, and the work they do in particular.



  1. Science centers arouse our curiosity and motivate us to know more about science. They host temporary and permanent exhibitions that show us the main scientific findings and universal laws on topics such as movement, energy generation, and natural phenomena.
  2. Science centers are revealed as a tool to enhance the value of science and scientific research in an affordable and accessible way for all people, regardless of age or background.
  3. There is no one-direction communication. On the contrary, they propose interactive games and experiments that encourage testing, reasoning, and hands-on experience.
  4. Equipped with reproductions, models, and themed environments, Science Centers exhibit a unique atmosphere. These spaces create immersive experiences where the visitor feels the main character of the “film.”
  5. It is an excellent plan, ideal for schools, families, and groups who want to do something different, and combine learning and fun. Although, indeed, these centers are mostly closed to the public on these dates, we have found some centers offering educational material online to keep the little ones entertained at home. Thank you!

Click here to see our Infographic.

Click here to see our Case Study focused on Science Centers.

To check the agenda for this special day, you can visit ICOM website.

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