Unique experiences where kids are in the front seat!

SBI Sweden is a globally known premier supplier of reliable inter­active kiddie rides since the early 1980s. We have a strong customers focus and take pride in delivering top-quality products as well as excellent after sales service. Our customers span from the largest amusements parks to small family farms, and everyone in between. Our rides are found all over the globe.

Unique concepts that bring out the smile in children.
Learning by exploration, experimentation and sharing.
Building their physical and movement skills, and raising awareness of traffic safety.


Discover our wide range of battery-powered cars as the core element of this attraction. Create Your own miniature traffic environment. Children will have loads of fun while improving their driving skills. Edutainment at its best. The driving school is a timeless attraction that can be installed at large or small amusement parks as well as at other kinds of facilities. We’d love to help you realize this concept at your facility!


With our construction-themed machines, you are sure to create an attraction loved by children of all ages. Unlike our other products, these machines are stationary, which represents a space-saving solution. The three products can be combined in one play area to create a construction zone where kids can role-play as construction professionals or simply enjoy the fine mechanics of these machines. Our scalable and themed cage system ensures a safe and carefully designed attraction from start to finish.


A top pick for farm parks, zoos and similar venues at countless locations globally. Kids love driving and with their authentic design, our tractors are a perfect fit for rural settings, parks, zoos and more. These vehicles are robustly designed and can be driven on almost any flat surface. An open area or loop track can be used and themed with farm-related buildings, hay bales, and other suitable elements, this attraction is a perfect fit for a setting with a rural atmosphere.


The Boating School is a fun-packed ride that allows kids to test their navigation skills and become captains of their mini vessels. Parents, friends, and siblings will be the happy passengers. Our boats are sturdy and have capacity for up to three people. The battery capacity is excellent and will ensure a full-day operation. The boats can be used either in an open water area or navigated through a loop. Both layouts are suitable to get a smooth and exciting experience for the entire family!