Introducing Our U.S. Subsidiary: SBI Americas LLC

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our U.S. subsidiary, headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Recognizing the significance of the North American market, where we already have been present about 30 years, we’re now taking this exciting step to enhance our growth trajectory and better serve our valued customers.

By establishing a local presence, we aim to streamline operations and provide unparalleled support to our expanding customer base. With tailor-made financial solutions and simplified logistics, we’re breaking down the barriers of international trade, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Operating under the name «SBI Americas LLC,» our Orlando office will serve as the hub for business development and day-to-day operations. We’re also setting up dedicated warehouse facilities to expedite order fulfillment, including spare parts and complete products. Additionally, we’re extending our reach to South America, with SBI Americas LLC catering to the region’s needs.

Leading our U.S. operations is Morgan Cederblom, a seasoned executive with a proven track record of steering international companies to success in the American market.

Bill Ossim and Jody Ossim, our valued representatives since many years, will continue their excellent work of serving our customers together with Morgan.

Explore our press release to learn more about this exciting development: SBI Sweden Accelerates Growth in the U.S.

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Morgan’s Contact Details:

• Phone: +1 404 771 0809.

• Email: m.cederblom@sbisweden.com

• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/morgan-cederblom-52084028/

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