Prowinter in Bolzano Italy 10-12 January 2024

Many ski resorts are exploring ways to extend seasons and discover fresh income streams. We’re thrilled to share a successful example that might be of interest to you too. This flexible concept is showcased at ProWinter in Bolzano from January 10-12, 2024. If you plan to attend, be sure to visit booth D24/08 and meet us there

Yellow Banana Ltd, in collaboration with SB International, has crafted a concept that’s been a hit. Targeted at children aged 3-11, this unique approach combines playhouses and rides. The concept is scalable, offering the option of either an entrance fee or charging per ride. The playhouses are not just fun but also robust, with a realistic appearance that kids adore.

The range of rides is diverse, including cars, tractors, diggers, grabbers, tower cranes, and even boats. While such attractions are typically associated with summer, this concept is versatile enough to be enjoyed throughout the year. It acts as a magnet for children, ensuring a steady flow of visitors and creating a potential new income stream for your business. Plus, as the kids play, parents can relax and enjoy refreshments nearby.

The concept’s adaptability means you can discuss your specific situation and receive assistance with layout drawings, helping you calculate the optimal capacity and ROI tailored to your needs.

Can’t make it to ProWinter? No worries! You can still explore more about this exciting concept at

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